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Las Vegas was once among one of the hardest hit US real estate markets. It has since recovered, becoming one of the best US real estate investments.  However, even at the economy’s lowest, Las Vegas real estate investors thrived. Aidan Enterprises offers not only profitable ways to invest in real estate in Las Vegas regardless of the economy, but the following facts as to why investing in Las Vegas real estate is a solid investment.

Las Vegas buzzes with entertainment, 24 hours a day, offering much more than the opportunity for a Mojave Desert home outside or in the resort town itself, it also offers the opportunity for a second home or rental property investment that will likely create passive income year round.  The small Nevada town is dynamic and offers the best relaxation, entertainment, employment and housing.

It is a town with over 40,000,000 visitors yearly.  One where gamblers visit, college students party, couples wed, corporate professionals congregate, corporations convene, holidays are taken, and the best times are had.  It is nearly everything at its finest and at affordable pricing, with real estate a spotlight in the picture.

Las Vegas Facts that make a quite nice picture when you consider the affect on a real estate investments include:

  • Las Vegas has 41,126,512 visitors annually
  • The total number of convention delegates yearly equals 5,169,054
  • The total number of conventions held annually equal 22,103
  • Clark County’s gaming revenue equals $9.6 billion
  • The gaming revenue on Las Vegas strip equals $6.4 billion
  • The gaming revenue on Boulder Strip’s equals $773 million
  • The gaming revenue on downtown’s equals $511 million
  • Las Vegas‘ hotel occupancy is 89.1 percent
  • Las Vegas‘ city wide occupancy is 86.8 percent
  • The hotel/motel rooms in Las Vegas is 150,544
  • On an average, visitors stay in Vegas for 3.2 nights
  • Visitors under 21 equal 10 percent of the tourist population
  • The average age of a visitor is 45.2 years
  • The percentage of first time visitors is 19 percent
  • Of visitors, 27 percent are from Southern California
  • Of visitors, 19 percent are Internal visitors
  • The average gambler that visits Las Vegas allows for a gambling budget of $530 per trip
  • Las Vegas‘ midweek hotel occupancy averages 64.4 percent, weened occupancy averages 93.3 percent, and their motel occupancy averages 65.0 percent
  • The average nightly room rate is $117
  • The average daily auto traffic on all major highways equals 102,823
  • The average daily auto traffic on I-15 at NV/CA Border equals 42,318

With fabulous real estate at great prices, the potential for a fast growing investment is there.

Aidan Enterprises offers a new way to invest in real estate.  We offer passive income at a high percentage on your investment without the concerns and responsibilities of being a landlord.  Please contact us for further information.

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money Great rental properties, offering consistent passive    income are not only yearly lease options.  In US states  like Las Vegas, short-term rentals have the potential to  be a gold mine.  With ways to invest like those  offered at Aidan Enterprises, real estate investing  doesn’t mean risk.  We offer the opportunity to earn the  income of a rental property without the nightmare of  being a landlord.

In a tourist city like Las Vegas, short term rentals are an investment that can start or make a real estate portfolio.  Short term rentals offer flexibility in a town that is visited by over 40,000,000 people yearly and stay an average of 3.2 nights.
While investing in real estate can be time consuming and intimidating, those that can financially afford to invest but don’t because of the responsibility and costs that come along with being a landlord have an option.  Years ago, real estate investing meant purchasing the property and all the requisite time and effort into rehabbing, selling, and/or finding renters. Today, companies like Aidan Enterprises offer the opportunity to invest in the purchase.  In other words, you can invest a sum that is affordable to you and earn a passive income at a high percentage every month on your investment, year after year, without any responsibilities.  You don’t have to clean the rental after each tenant, you don’t have to fix a toilet or collect rent because the property is our responsibility.
We buy apartments and homes all over Las Vegas, purchasing in the most sought-after locations to ensure passive income and investment properties that grow in equity.  Our clients simply invest, and they receive monthly income in return with the option to get their principal back in seven years.  We also offer our clients the opportunity to visit Las Vegas and stay in an Aidan Enterprises home or apartment. We pay you for your own time share in one of the most elite locations in the world.
With Aidan Enterprises, you have all of the benefits of owning real estate, without the concerns and responsibilities:
You don’t have to worry about renting out the property, or the destruction tenants may create
You don’t have to concern yourself with calls from unhappy or needy tenants
You don’t have the stress of being a landlord
You don’t have to worry about your monthly income arriving on time 
We fully manage the property and pay you a guaranteed percentage that is secured with a real and tangible asset.
For more information on Las Vegas real estate investments with Aidan Enterprises, contact us today.
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2013-11-27 13.47.04 Owner-Will-Carry programs offer an unique opportunity for  investors and buyers alike.

Investors can enjoy a stress free passive investment that  yields higher returns than most other passive investments.  The real attraction, however, is that the investment is  secured by Real Estate. In essence, instead of having money  in a 401k or savings account earning hopefully 1% returns  and having no assets to show for it, investors can enjoy  higher returns while having a recorded Deed or Deed of  Trust in their name or company name. In addition, contrary to renting a property, this is an investment that allows investors to enjoy ownership of the asset without the hassle of being a landlord.

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“And I think the more money you put in people’s hands, the more they will spend.  And if they don’t spend it, they invest it. And investing it is another way of creating  jobs. It puts money into mutual funds or other kinds of banks that can go out and  make loans, and we need to do that.” Michael Bloomberg

The current lending environment has caused a unique opportunity for those of us aware of the situation to help people and prosper in the process. Here, in Nevada as well as Phoenix and California, many of the private lenders offer only 2-5 year loans at high interest. As you know, 2-5 years is not long enough for the average borrower to pay off such a loan. Because of this, people are looking for a better solution. Aidan Enterprises LLC is perfectly positioned to offer that solution. This is an exceptional opportunity for investors that understand our need to help the community and have the ability to go the distance. Aidan Enterprises LLC has been successful with many private investors by undercutting the current rates and improving our community’s quality of life. However, the largest issue has not been finding investors but rather that their funds are limited.

The goal is to be able to provide longer term loans with lower interest rates to the people. Currently, Aidan Enterprises LLC has access to over twenty million dollars of inventory for which we could create or refinance loans. Indeed, it is a classic example of demand that is too high for current supply. This is a win-win for investors as well as buyers. All over the world, private investors as well as major corporations are seeking a secure investment for money that is just sitting in the bank. With this proposal, investors will enjoy an investment secured by real estate that is long term and profitable.

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All of these buyers have one common denominator. They cannot get loans from American banks. Why, you ask? The banks have become painfully limited in their lending abilities. Between losses due to ambiguous lending practices and the recent severe restrictions placed by the government, the banks have little to no lending power.


The truth of the matter is the banks simply have no incentive to invest money into the community. Even with the recent bailouts from the government at 0% interest to the banks, the general public has seen very little increase in available lending. And why would they? The banks can simply turn around and invest in secure government bonds at low but safe returns with the very funds from the bailouts. Why would they spend the capital on research and due diligence only to be thwarted by the restrictions placed on them by said government? In essence, the government is paying the banks interest on the very funds meant for the economy. Indeed, the banks feel the incentive is NOT to lend to the general public.

This has created a vacuum in the lending industry that private investors are only too happy to fill. The American dream will go on regardless.


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buying-buildingsThe 8th wonder of the world, Las Vegas Nevada, is a Real Estate hot spot. Domestic and international investors favor Las Vegas due to the low property cost and high transience of the city. Many hedge funds already seek to capitalize on the city’s higher returns secured by Real Estate. Not to mention, Las Vegas is ranked 2nd in the country for equity growth.

In addition, there are also many new home buyers. These buyers come from all walks of life. There are European and Asian buyers looking to gain citizenship through home ownership as well as California buyers interested in rental properties. You also have the Hispanic community that live and work in Las Vegas. They need homes for their families. In all, the city of Las Vegas is a highly attractive arena for both homeowners and investors.

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Great real estate investments don’t just happen.  There are professionals involved.  Las Vegas real estate has turned into a market that, with the right professionals, you have the investment of a lifetime.  Aidan Enterprises are the professionals that can make that investment happen.
Las Vegas is considered one of the 10 best cities to buy a rental property.  The average price of a home is in the mid $100K with a gross monthly rent of $922.  Short term rentals can yield a higher rental average.  The neon city with its glamorous lights and casinos that are opened 24 hours a day, is the city that never slows down.  And, that is just how its real estate market is right now.  A market that is soaring.
One of the reasons rental properties in Las Vegas are a prime real estate investment is because of the tourist population.  It is one of the most visited cities simply because of the Las Vegas Strip.  Las Vegas has an annual tourist visitor rate of 41,126,512 annually.
There are many reasons that now is a good time for a Las Vegas real estate investment.  Housing is still affordable, borrowing costs are still low, and lenders are loosening lockdown.  If you are a home buyer with a good credit record, then obtaining a loan is not difficult, especially with the lenders knowledge of the market being a fair investment as home values are predicted to rise considerably.
Being a landlord is not for everyone.  And, the responsibilities of a short term rental (one of the most lucrative types of rental properties) are greater.  Aidan Enterprises offers the ideal solution for all who would like the passive income of a lucrative rental property in a city like Las Vegas.  We offer the opportunity to be an investor without the responsibility.  Our way to invest is a new way to invest, offering a 15 percent monthly payment on your investment when you invest with Aidan Enterprises.
For more information on investing in Las Vegas real estate with Aidan Enterprises, please feel free to contact us.
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As in any business, it is important to think and work outside of the box. Many investors in Real Estate investing fall prey to using the same systems as everyone else.
It is easier and less time-consuming, for example, to always use the MLS to find buyers. However, this limits not only involvement but also many demographics. It is essential to develop a large and diverse pool of buyers. Aidan Enterprises LLC has developed buyers from many different cultures and levels from first time buyers to seasoned Real Estate investors. Aidan Enterprises LLC has unique relationships with international buyers looking to gain citizenship through home ownership as well as the next door neighbor looking to buy a rental property investment. With every transaction, Aidan Enterprises LLC gains a new referral to a friend or family member that needs a property or to invest. It is the highest compliment any company can boast.

How different is it from waiting around for an offer on the MLS from some anonymous buyer? Aidan Enterprises is reaching out to the community and gaining a reputation for exceeding expectations. Every transaction, whether with a buyer or an investor, is personal. Because of this Aidan Enterprises LLC is able to give investors a solid and secure return on any Real Estate investment especially in Las Vegas. This, in turn, enables Aidan Enterprises LLC to offer more options to consumers in the community.

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In Real Estate Aidan Enterprises LLC knows one simply cannot rely on a single selling or buying strategy. Successful investors know how to adapt to the market. Having different strategies and tools in place are key to growing a Real Estate investment portfolio in Las Vegas.
For example, if the strategy is to invest in Real Estate to flip properties by buying low and selling low, what happens when inventory begins to dry up and buying below market value is no longer an option? On the other hand, if the strategy is to invest in an up market by buying high and selling higher, what happens when prices drop? Real Estate investors must be willing and able to make decisive decisions to hold, sell, or a combination of both depending on the market on a day to day basis. Real Estate is a constant cycle. It ebbs and flows, but it is CONSTANT. By recognizing this, Aidan Enterprises LLC is able to capitalize on every aspect of Real Estate investing especially in Las Vegas. Aidan Enterprises LLC utilizes innovative strategies to build solid and secure investment opportunities regardless of the market. In Real Estate, you cannot rely on a single selling or buying strategy.


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tab supply and demand

Investing in residential Real Estate has always been a win-win proposition. Think about it. What are the three main things people will always NEED? Water, food, and a place to live are things that people will not only want but NEED. There will always be a demand for housing.
However, this is not what makes it a win-win. Smart Real Estate investors know that you can make money in any Real Estate market. They make decisions based on numbers and opportunity. They don’t wait for the perfect deal, they create it. Investors that wait for the perfect deal are just holding onto their money with no returns while those playing in the field make returns on their money. You can buy a property and make 7% return renting in an up market versus a 12% return in a down market. This may seem low but remember this is an up market with appreciation accumulating. Or, if you don’t have faith in the appreciation, then create your own appreciation by carrying a loan for a higher than market selling price. The idea is to be versatile.

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