Aidan Enterprises

Jessica Davis is an Amazing person. She not only helped me find and purchase the perfect house, but encouraged and assisted me through the home buying process. Her company, Aidan Enterprises LLC, believed in me when no others would give me a chance. As a first-time homebuyer, I was full of skepticism, hesitation, and utter confusion. Then I met Jessica in March 2012. She put me at ease, quelled my fears, and stood by me when nobody else did. She was able to help me buy one of her homes even though my credit was turned down by the bank. Her company gave me opportunity to buy my first home AND build my credit in the process. Jessica’s relentless effort and unyielding dedication throughout this entire process has proved her caring heart and honest intentions. She found me a home in Las Vegas that was perfectly compatible with my needs and budget. Jessica’s perseverance has undoubtedly changed my life. I am so happy and satisfied with my new home. I encourage others to reach out to Aidan Enterprises and buy a house. Jessica is highly knowledgeable and a woman of great integrity!

Alina Client,Buyer

When I met Jessica, I was first struck by her friendliness and willingness to try to understand exactly what I was looking for. She seemed genuinely interested in helping me. And she did! Not only did she give us a great price on a beautiful property right where we were looking, but her seller financing program allowed me to buy it. She really takes her professional relationships seriously, and was there at every twist and turn of the road to walk us through the process. She never tried to sell us something we didn't want or push us into a transaction like the Real Estate agents we worked with before meeting her. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy a property in Las Vegas. She's got the best attitude and better knowledge than any Real Estate agent.

Bennett Miller Client,Buyer

Jessica was a blessing to my family in first helping my brother buy his house and then helping me to buy mine. She is very knowledgeable, passionate and sincere about selling her clients the home of their dreams. She has now become like extended family to us and even stops by every once in a while to see how we are doing. (Homemade tortillas on Sundays!) She truly cares. She is a great person and I would recommend her and her company to anyone.


Buying the house of your dreams??? Not an easy task, but seller financing can make it a lot easier. Jessica made it possible for my family to buy our first home and she did it by taking a chance on us. She has been a true friend that understood our needs and was patient all the way through out the proccess, thanks to her company my family and my self can finally enjoy the house that we always wanted. Thank you Jessica!

Javier D

Hello, We purchased our beautiful house through Jacob and the hardworking team at Aidan Enterprises LLC. Jacob worked with us tirelessly as we crafted our vision to create our dream home in Las Vegas. He listened to all of our requests and truly delivered. He is an investor with great integrity and honesty. A real gem! We will always use our man Jacob for all of our future real estate endeavors, and we highly recommend him to our family and friends. Meredith and Steven

Meredith C

Very friendly and personable seller. We tried several realtors before we met Jessica and, regardless of what they showed us, none of them could get us approved for our dream home. Jessica not only gave us several options but her company financed our purchase! She cared more about us as people than she did our credit or lack thereof. We bought our first home! Thank you Jessica and everyone at Aidan Enterprises!

Grace C

Prior to meeting Aidan Enterprises, I worked with a real estate agent who was using my ignorance to trap me into a property I did not like. However, Aidan Enterprises not only helped me to acquire a beautiful top of the line property, but they also educated me, and was almost like a big brother as they guided me throughout the stressful home buying process. They were available for me at whatever time I needed them, and went beyond the scope of their duties to ensure that I was able to buy my new Home. I truly believe that the best choice any propective homebuyer can make is to go through Aidan Enterprises LLC. Trust me....

Nicola C