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Las Vegas was once among one of the hardest hit US real estate markets. It has since recovered, becoming one of the best US real estate investments.  However, even at the economy’s lowest, Las Vegas real estate investors thrived. Aidan Enterprises offers not only profitable ways to invest in real estate in Las Vegas regardless of the economy, but the following facts as to why investing in Las Vegas real estate is a solid investment.

Las Vegas buzzes with entertainment, 24 hours a day, offering much more than the opportunity for a Mojave Desert home outside or in the resort town itself, it also offers the opportunity for a second home or rental property investment that will likely create passive income year round.  The small Nevada town is dynamic and offers the best relaxation, entertainment, employment and housing.

It is a town with over 40,000,000 visitors yearly.  One where gamblers visit, college students party, couples wed, corporate professionals congregate, corporations convene, holidays are taken, and the best times are had.  It is nearly everything at its finest and at affordable pricing, with real estate a spotlight in the picture.

Las Vegas Facts that make a quite nice picture when you consider the affect on a real estate investments include:

  • Las Vegas has 41,126,512 visitors annually
  • The total number of convention delegates yearly equals 5,169,054
  • The total number of conventions held annually equal 22,103
  • Clark County’s gaming revenue equals $9.6 billion
  • The gaming revenue on Las Vegas strip equals $6.4 billion
  • The gaming revenue on Boulder Strip’s equals $773 million
  • The gaming revenue on downtown’s equals $511 million
  • Las Vegas‘ hotel occupancy is 89.1 percent
  • Las Vegas‘ city wide occupancy is 86.8 percent
  • The hotel/motel rooms in Las Vegas is 150,544
  • On an average, visitors stay in Vegas for 3.2 nights
  • Visitors under 21 equal 10 percent of the tourist population
  • The average age of a visitor is 45.2 years
  • The percentage of first time visitors is 19 percent
  • Of visitors, 27 percent are from Southern California
  • Of visitors, 19 percent are Internal visitors
  • The average gambler that visits Las Vegas allows for a gambling budget of $530 per trip
  • Las Vegas‘ midweek hotel occupancy averages 64.4 percent, weened occupancy averages 93.3 percent, and their motel occupancy averages 65.0 percent
  • The average nightly room rate is $117
  • The average daily auto traffic on all major highways equals 102,823
  • The average daily auto traffic on I-15 at NV/CA Border equals 42,318

With fabulous real estate at great prices, the potential for a fast growing investment is there.

Aidan Enterprises offers a new way to invest in real estate.  We offer passive income at a high percentage on your investment without the concerns and responsibilities of being a landlord.  Please contact us for further information.

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